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Below is the changelog for iAuto (v.4.0 and above):  

Auto Classified Script changelogs for versions 4.7.1 and above are located on our new website

From v.4.6.1 to v.4.7.0:

New Features:

  1. Credit Points System implemented
  2. Automatic Listing and Plan Renewals functionality added
  3. Ability to send notifications about renewals added
  4. Ability to view the package details for every listing
  5. Admin can change package settings for a particular listing or group of listings.
  6. Ability to search/filter listings based on listing packaged used by the listings added
  7. Ability to apply any package to a particular listing added
  8. Package Sync Utility added - Synchronization of listing packages with membership plan packages via admin panel
  9. Easy creation of custom content pages added
  10. "Make user trusted after registration" option for a user group added


  1. Listing activation mechanism improved
  2. Error code replaced with a human-readable message
  3. The look of credit charge confirmation prompt page enhanced
  4. Ability for the administrator to leave a comment when credits are added or subtracted in the admin panel
  5. Ability to display all available membership plans to users added
  6. Enhanced wording of the listings auto-extension and expiration report
  7. Auto-extension report are not sent to users, who's "Notify on listing expiration" setting is off
  8. Listing and subscriptions auto-extension report to admin are not sent unless "Notify on User Contract Expiration" and "Notify on Listing Expiration" are On respectively
  9. Renamed "Transactions" page to "Payments" in admin panel
  10. Added a listing package information on the listing edit page in admin panel
  11. Added a "credit_name" custom setting
  12. Added a date range filter for credit transactions
  13. Enhanced the layout of listing edit page in admin panel
  14. Enhance the layout and look of credit purchase page
  15. Added default translations for phrases on the pay for listing page
  16. Enhance descriptions of default membership plan packages
  17. Brought the layout and look of the credit purchase page into consistence with other page based on the theme design
  18. Made message on rating page more user-friendly
  19. Added the confirmation about successful listing saved both in admin panel and on front-end.
  20. Added internationalization and default translations to contact seller form and comparison table pages
  21. Replaced error code with a human-friendly message on the listing feature activation page.
  22. Added link to product's manual from admin panel
  23. Displaying variable values in internationalized phrases even if translation is missing
  24. News are updated in initial database dump
  25. Year 2010 added as upper limit for Year field
  26. Batch addition of credits to users in admin panel added
  27. Batch addition/subtraction of credits via admin panel added
  28. Ability set user balance notification threshold added
  29. Ability to add credit to a user balance via admin added
  30. Low balance notification added
  31. Ability to set initial balance in user group settings added
  32. Updated product documentation
  33. Current subscription details are displayed on the "Subscription" page
  34. Ability to chose another package (if available) after listing expiration added


  1. Listing auto-extension now sets right parent package if for the listing package
  2. Ambiguous transaction table layout fixed: figures don’t stick to status values now
  3. Dead link in the admin panel's breadcrumbs on the "Add Credit Package" page fixed
  4. Missing comment for the initial balance transaction added
  5. Added listing package information on the view listing page in admin panel
  6. Auto-extension of user's subscription is canceled if membership plan had been changed by the administrator
  7. Missing $KEYWORDS and $DESCRIPTION are added in several themes
  8. Garbage images and video files are deleted now from the hard drive when corresponding listing is deleted from the website
  9. Field separator setting is not ignored now when listing are imported from a CSV file
  10. Missing Google Map on the printer-friendly listing pages is added
  11. imagedestroy() is now called on unused GD image resources.  This fix should improve memory usage in some cases.
  12. Error message is displayed when invalid field id is specified in templates instead of String-type text-box.
  13. Date format is now validated in Calendar fields
  14. Missing Default translations for several phrases added
  15. Missing "Next" link in iauto3 theme added
  16. Display Your Email setting is not ignored now
  17. "Compare Ad" link is not split now when line is wrapped on the search results page in iauto1 theme
  18. White background around rating stars on yellow listing background fixed
  19. Watermark settings manual is improved
  20. Problem with listing activation date  resetting when listing feature (Youtube, slideshow, highlighted) is activated is fixed
  21. User profile field doesn’t conflict with listing field if fields have same id any more
  22. number_of_cols parameter is not ignored now in iLister's featured_listings function call
  23. Problem with user search result if user group profile does not have any fields fixed
  24. Search results paging error in IE7-8 fixed
  25. Minor standard nonconformities in RSS feeds fixed
  26. Missing Boolean fields on the listing display page fixed
  27. iLister's edit listing page layout of character counter fixed
  28. Invalid package filter applying to listing search on Manage Listing page in admin panel fixed
  29. Missing numbers of expired listing in listing expiration report fixed
  30. Converted new lines in all text-based files in distribution package to UNIX-format
  31. FeeBased subscription expiration problem fixed
  32. Saving parent package for contract packages fixed
  33. Expiration of subscription-based contracts forces listing expiration
  34. Subscription extension activates listings that are not yet expired – problem fixed
  35. Manually deactivated listing now retains expiration date and can be activated back free of charge

From v.4.6.0 to v.4.6.1: 


  1. task_scheduler won't initialize I18N on some hostings
  2. Newly registered user's username is inserted instead of admin name into the admin login box when new user notification link is followed.
  3. Video upload does not accept 3gp-files.
  4. Inconsistent week layout on calendar control
  5. Change to list value in listing will also change another list value if previous values where identical regardless of field ids
  6. Additional SET CHARACTER SET at initialization of database connection makes data in database corrupt on some hostings
  7. Business catalog won't save brief description for entries.
  8. Auto notify won't work in iAuto and iRealty
  9. Auto notification is not working for searches saved with listing_type criterion.
  10. I18N won't initialize on some search pages. Produces errors if search link is copied into the fresh browser.
  11. Time is ignored in task_scheduler_last_executed_date setting 

From v.4.5.0 to v.4.6.0: 

 New Features:

  1. Car Dealer Profiles 
  2. Dealer Inventory 
  3. SEO-Friendly Dealer Ads Page added 
  4. Contact User page added
  5. Slideshow 
  6. YouTube Videos 
  7. Highlight Ad 
  8. WYSIWYG editor for text fields added 

Enhancements & Bugfixes 


From v.4.4.0 to v.4.5.0: 

New Features:  

  1. Import User Profiles from CSV or XLS files function added
  2. Compare Listings feature added
  3. CAPTCHA for Forms added
  4. Max Symbols Allowed for text and input fields added
  5. Watermark for Uploaded Images
  6. Ratings are added to all types of listings
  7. Export User Profiles to XLS file

Enhancements & Bugfixes:

  1. Paging for the Manage Users section in the admin panel introduced.
  2. The issue with the ability to create a user profile field with field type undefined fixed.
  3. Improvement - "Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory" note to all forms in admin panel added
  4. The "You can post your listing now" link on the subscription page added.
  5. The broken form field labels layout in narrow browser window on the General Settings page corrected.
  6. GMaps display in IE fixed (using jQuery). 

From v.4.3.1 to v.4.4.0: 

 New Features: 

  1. Logout link added to the Admin Panel
  2. Introduced the Multiple Picture Upload interface 
  3. RSS-feeds added, including latest X listings and featured listings feeds
  4. Pre-moderation and Post moderation of all listings 
  5. Mark Listing as Sold feature added 
  6. Enable JavaScript and Cookies for Best User Experience notice added
  7. Ability to expire Membership plans for existing users added 
  8. Display listing address/zip on the built-in Google Map 
  9. New SEO/SEM feature, Share Your Website, added 

Enhancements & Bugfixes:

  1. Minor hints on supported picture and video formats added
  2. Tips and help information added to the Admin Panel interface
  3. Trusted Users option is added – NEW FEATURE
  4. A 2009 updated vehicle make/model database added
  5. Improved the add picture interface when adding links via the admin
  6. FCKEditor is upgraded to version 2.6.3, better and stable version of the editor
  7. Fixed the issue with number of listings in the Browse by Body Style
  8. Fixed issue with the editing of video files

From v.4.3.0 to v.4.3.1: 

  1. Optimized listings search in task_scheduler.
  2. Session check mechanism modified.
  3. Optimized and improved performance, reduced load times.
  4. Fixed empty date field in I18N.
  5. System behavior after deleting user acct corrected. System logs user out now.
  6. PayPal payment issue fixed.
  7. The float field type for I18N fixed.
  8. System can now search within tree type levels (restriction to top level removed).
  9. Resolved the challenge with browsing by incomplete tree field.
  10. The 'video' validation issue fixed.
  11. Inconsistent RewriteBase in admin/.htaccess file fixed.
  12. Fixed the permission issue in the cache folder for themes cloned.
  13. Special symbols in phrase IDs fixed.
  14. Payment completion issue for non-English product versions fixed.
  15. Duplication of Form class in classifieds/Form.php removed.
  16. Upper/lowercase symbols in phrase translations fixed.
  17. Corrected categories for built-in business catalog.
  18. Duplicate field names in input forms with multiple tree fields fixed.
  19. The listing count for browse by tree fixed.
  20. The payment creation date bug fixed.

From v.4.2.2 to v.4.3.0: 

  1. Created the 'Contact Form' functionality. Default page for the contact form: http://YourWebsiteURL/contact/.
  2. Added the function to create user from the admin panel.
  3. Added the 'Custom Settings' section in the Admin panel. There are 2 default settings in this section: 'listing_currency' and 'transaction_currency'.
  4. Added a new system setting: Radius Search Unit. The choice of radius search unit (miles\kilometers) will affect the search by the distance.
  5. Fixed the issue with Zip Code imports.
  6. Added the functionality to search listings by the following system fields: 'id', 'listing_type', 'activation_date' and 'username'.
  7. Fixed the issue with field IDs. When the 'field ID' is changed from the admin panel, all the fields will be updated in the database.
  8. Fixed the issue with sorting by 'id', 'listing_type', 'activation_date' and 'username' system fields on the search/filter results pages.
  9. Fixed the issue with returning to the 'Search Results' page from the 'Listing Details' page via browser's 'Back' button.
  10. Added the dropdown menu to choose a language in the frontend.
  11. Added the 'Manage Languages' section in the admin panel.
  12. Added the 'Manage Phrases' section in the admin panel.
  13. Added the 'Internationalization Settings' subsection on the 'System Settings' page in the admin panel.
  14. Added the translation functionality using square brackets, i.e. [[phraseID]]
  15. Added the functionality to format dates and numbers in the input and search forms based on the language settings.
  16. Added the functionality to format display of dates and numbers based on the language settings.
  17. Added the placeholder support to phrase IDs that can be translated.
  18. The interactive translating mode is implemented (highlight mode). 

From v.4.2.1 to v.4.2.2: 

  1. Fix sorting by activation_date in public site.
  2. Fix encoding problems in Tell a Friend and Contact Seller functionality.
  3. Added reply-to field in Contact Seller function.
  4. Improve design, order and behavior for Edit and Delete buttons in admin site.
  5. Fix encoding problem, Set output data encoding to utf-8 in import listings from xls file.
  6. Fix problem for pages with slash at the end, if URL not contains slash then server add slash and redirect.
  7. Change emails to blackhole@worksforweb.com in release database.
  8. Fix validation for type video in listing creation time.
  9. Fix unserialize error in payments. Improve HTML filtration, add HTML purifier.
  10. Change mechanism of HTML filtration, filter HTML in Email class, Form class and display_listing.php module function. 

From v.4.2.0 to v.4.2.1: 

  1. Can rename buttons on the 'add_listing' page and in the 'My Listings' section.
  2. Added a validation criterion for 'Zip Code' field. Saving of empty values was excluded.
  3. Fixed the problem with renaming field captions in the existing user profiles in the DB after renaming it from the admin panel.
  4. Inactive listing are no longer displayed from direct URL.
  5. Fixed the problem of saving dates.
  6. Listing display parameters in the 'My Listings' section were separated from the others.
  7. Fixed the problem with extra listing browsing parameters.
  8. Fixed the problem with forming keyword string during listing saving.
  9. Fixed the problem with sorting by 'activation_date' field. Field type was changed from 'Date' to 'DateTime'.
  10. Fixed the search by date range.
  11. Fixed the email generation issue and charset encoding-related problem.
  12. Naming convention of uploaded pictures for listings was changed to prevent browser caching of pics with similar names.
  13. Fixed the problem with export.
  14. Fixed the sorting and paging in the “browse by” listing results.
  15. Fixed the email generation issue in the 'Contact Seller' function. 'Reply To' field that has sender's email was added.
  16. Fixed the problem in the 'Saved Searches' function for user that is not logged in.
  17. All buttons in the admin panel are in proper and uniform order now (1. edit, 2.delete), buttons changed.
  18. Fixed the problem of redirecting from index.php to install.php if the software is not installed.
  19. Fixed two security issues.
  20. Fixed the problem with 'DECIMAL' type casting for MYSQL4.
  21. Fixed the problem with inactive listings appearing in the search results after user session expiration.
  22. User authorization to access listing editing was increased.
  23. Added a new function for HTML tags translation in input forms.
  24. The sorting mechanism on the search results page was changed. Added the sorting by field check routine.
  25. Listing display templates was fixed. Missing fields were added.
  26. Fixed the validation for the 'MakeModel' field during listing saving.
  27. Fixed the problem with 'MakeModel' field import. 

From v.4.1.1 to v.4.2.0: 

  1. A new feature, ‘Browse listings by any field’ was added.
  2. Browse templates were added to the main page.
  3. A new feature, ‘Pass parameters via URI’ was added. It allows you to use SEO-friendly URLs with the 'display_listing' and 'browse' functions.
  4. Listing search procedure was optimized in the My Listing section of the front end. The new function ‘Paging’ was added there.
  5. A feature that allows to order values of tree type as you like was added.
  6. Users are provided with ability to subscribe for the membership plan with unlimited expiration period.
  7. A script related to packages of a membership plan was modified. Now the administrator can delete a package even though listing number of this package is not null.
  8. Level numeration of Tree type fields in an exported file was changed.
  9. A bug associated with returning to a merchant site after paying via paypal gateway was fixed.
  10. A bug associated with wrong listing number of a package was fixed.
  11. A bug associated with listing picture editing through the administration panel was fixed.
  12. A bug with membership plans where ‘Expiration Period’=‘null value’ was fixed.
  13. The user manual was updated. 

From v.4.1.0 to v.4.1.1: 

  1. The file type verification during geographic data importation was added.
  2. A bug with deleting listing pictures after deleting a listing was fixed. Now after deleting a listing its pictures will be also deleted from the system.
  3. A bug with the ‘Paging’ function in the Manage Listings section of the administration panel was fixed. Now a page number specified by the administrator is saved after listing activation, deactivation or deleting.
  4. A bug associated with ‘Activate’ and ‘Deactivate’ links in the Manage Listings section of the administration panel was fixed.
  5. A bug associated with PHP Notice during user session update was fixed.
  6. A bug with deleting a membership plan was fixed. Now after deleting a membership plan from the system, an empty string does not remain in the list of membership plans of a User group.
  7. The user manual was updated. 

From v.4.0 to v.4.1.0: 

  1. A new feature, 'Export Listings' was added. The administrator can export a file with listing data in Excel format.
  2. iAuto templates were optimized according to the W3C standards.
  3. Listing search procedure was optimized in the Manage Listings section of the administration panel. New functions, ‘Sorting’ and ‘Paging’, were added there.
  4. The ability to display field captions by field IDs in display templates was added.
  5. A bug with deleting a user picture/logo was fixed.
  6. A bug with payment duplication in the My Payments area was fixed.
  7. A My Listings sorting bug was fixed.
  8. 'Failed to send activation email' system message was added. The message appears when a user inputs a nonexistent email.
  9. A theme cloning failure bug was fixed.
  10. Geographic data format was modified. Now the administrator can add zip codes composed of mixed alphanumeric characters.
  11. Minor template modifications.
  12. Descending "sort by date" order in My Payments was set by default.

Below is the changelog for iAuto (v3.1.2 and above):

From v.3.3. to v.3.4:

  1. The script was modified to be fully compatible with PHP version 5.
  2. A bug with 'Inconsistent number of listings between website search and admin search' was fixed.
  3. A new feature, 'Listing Details Page Counter', was added. Listing details now display hit/view counters for each listing.
  4. A new database field type, 'Web Link', was added. The administrator can allow users to specify URL address for their listings.
  5. A new user registration form field, 'web_link', was added. The administrator can allow users to specify URL address for the 'Seller Information' block in listing details.
  6. Some changes were added to iRealty templates to simplify the logo image and slogan modifications.
  7. A feature to import listings on behalf of users (owners) through the admin panel was restored.  

From v.3.2. to v.3.3:

  1. Google Maps support was added for iRealty (can help with adding GMaps for iAuto as well if requested).
  2. The bug with the ‘show_search_form’ function was fixed. Now an administrator can use this function more than once.
  3. The bug with templates editing was fixed. Now after cloning a theme, templates can be edited via FTP.
  4. The bug with a new user registration routine was fixed for MySQL v.5.xx.
  5. Software installation script was improved by automatically setting a closing slash in the 'FTP Initial Directory' field.
  6. User manual and installation manual further improved and updated.

From v.3.1.2 to v.3.2:

  1. The bug with user registration fixed.
  2. The bug with changing the order of ad pictures fixed.
  3. The bug with saving search form parameters with MySQL v.5.xx fixed.
  4. A new database field type, 'ID' was added. Users can make a search by listings ID.
  5. A new database field type, 'Keywords' was added. Users can make a search by listings' keywords.
  6. A new feature, 'Import User Lists' was added. An administrator can create a file with users data and import it to the database. The importation can be done in CSV/Excel extension formats. After user imports, their profiles can be modified by using the 'Edit User' option of the admin panel.
  7. The updated user manual in a new format added.




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